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Eagle in 2008, 28, Ron (Delaware) and 23, Michael Chen (Chinese) in the United States meet in silicon valley entrepreneurship competition, speech topics are two measurement test solutions and innovation, on the initiation of the joint venture's morale

In March 2009 formally developed the first generation of image instrument, and $2 million in financing for the first time

In April 2009, Michael Chen, a proposal in the United States and China development at the same time, the two hit it off, in the same month in Delaware founded the EAGLE company, founded in China's zhejiang ningbo ningbo EAGLE testing equipment co., LTD., the same year and won the high technology enterprises

Image measuring instrument product officially offline in October 2010, at the same time China sales in the United States, and by Michael Chen is responsible for China, Eagle, Ron is responsible for the sales in the United States

Ningbo eagle in wenzhou in November 2010 to participate in the exhibition for the first time, very much, intention client in China got the first big order, signed 50 customers, become a customer testimonials testing equipment

2013 launch of the second generation image instrument, due to superior performance, with annual sales of RMB 98.6 million

The company's rapid development in 2015 and launched the third generation image instrument, at the same time in the United States $10 million in financing, company shareholding system reform, increase investment of 50 million yuan in China, in the city of more than 20 sets branch, in order to cover the whole of China

In 2016 changed its name to China corporation: zhejiang eagle Coffey emperor technology co., LTD

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Ningbo eagle on CNC machine sensor

I plant production of 2 d measuring head

3DMeasuring head (sensor) the essence of high precision can be achieved0.5μ,

Life can reach 500000-5 million

Ningbo eagle introduction to digital display measuring tool market analysis

Measurement technology is the foundation of the information-based manufacturing technology and key, coupled with the continuous development of measurement technology in recent years, measurement technology are becoming more and more perfect

 Two dimensional image instrument measurement of plastic

In the first to use imaging instrument "coordinates" tool "two points determine the coordinate system" to set up the workpiece coordinate system

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·Company a large number of senior engineer talent reserves, the country has nearly 30 branches and offices, pioneered 123 period of service commitments, receiving the customer service center needs to respond within 1 hour, if you need the door (in terms of local service center recently)

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